• Anger Management Problems
  • Psychosomatic difficulties
  • Relationship and family related problems
  • Coping with Loss and Bereavement
  • Managing Chronic illness or disabilities
  • Depression
  • Work Related Problems.


Services for Adults


I offer counselling and psychotherapy Services for adults who may be

encountering difficulties with...










The following services are offered for adults in emotional distress:


Psychodiagnostic assessment

I provide a detailed state of mind assessment through combining objective and subjective psychological tests alongside interviews. These results are carefully analysed and formulated to devise a treatment plan and help in evaluation of

long-term treatments.

This approach is very successful in quantifying the level of treatment needed

and provide objective results which help in identifying the treatment with the
highest likelihood of success.


Brief psychotherapy with adults

In brief psychotherapy the focus is on a specific problem and direct intervention. I will be proactive in helping you to view the present from a wider context and utilize more functional understandings. It is a highly strategic, exploratory and solution-based approach rather than being problem oriented. There will be less concern with how the problem arose but more attention paid to the current factors  sustaining it and preventing change.  


Long term psychoanalytic psychotherapy / psychoanalysis

Providing a safe environment to enable the patient explore his internal as well as external relations with the aim of making deep changes in personality level through fostering maturation.




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